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Changling Villa doors
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    Changling door industry is a professional manufacturer specializing in interior doors, villas and anti-theft doors. Since its establishment, the company has been actively introducing European and American housing culture based on Yongkang, especially in the interior door industry. The company originally worked with the Limited by Share Ltd of Changling group, and developed the Changling eco indoor door product with military technology, military quality and Changling ARISTON fridge surface treatment technology. The listing is loved by the majority of users, and is well received by users.


    The company has a strong design and development ability, and won a number of patent certificates and national industry authority certification. Advanced numerical control electronic equipment, automatic spray painting line, set up a complete scientific research, development, production, sales and after-sales service system. In recent years, the leader of the company has taken a long view, taking diversified development, accelerating the strategy of brand extension and intervening in the interior door industry. The new technology is adopted boldly to develop new products. Has launched a composite steel wooden door, steel door, wooden door, ecological villa door series products, other products have great originality, streamline dynamic design, green, elegant, elegant style.

    In the future strategic planning, the company has established the concept of "sincere cooperation, technological innovation, pursuit of dedication and endless". While consolidating and developing the domestic market, we actively strive to explore the international market and cast "Changling" into the global trusted international brand.

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